BN2H "aLLchemy" Embroidered Crewneck Sweater - Black

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A vision inspired by the ol' Peter Tosh record, now coming to life through dope original merchandise designed by my bredren & I... Many months went into this particular design. Pulling ideas from different aspects & sources of my creative vision. Like my Love for Frames, Gears, as well as Texture, Timeless Pieces, & Details in Design. the "aLL" in "aLLchemy" is a combined saLLute to the infamous Lo-Lifes, who've inspired me so much creatively, as well as a play off the word alchemy & aLL the ideas coming together. This beautifully embroidered sweater embodies aLL the details that went into the creation of the design.  The Stone-colored stitching is identical to that of the BN2H Graff Hat creating a perfect match.